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About Me

Born and raised in Northamptonshire, England, I moved to Ann Arbor in 2005.  My wife and I fell in love with the community and decided to make A2 our home.  We live on the beautiful north side of Ann Arbor with our 10 year old son who attends Ann Arbor public schools.

I enjoy music, riding my bike, playing with my son and dog, and creating environments where people, family, and friends can be together. Building strong relationships and community are of importance to me.

I am a Person Centered Therapist specializing in individual psychotherapy with adults and Play Therapy with children. 

With over 12 years experience as a Psychotherapist and Play Therapist,  I am uniquely positioned within the Ann Arbor and surrounding community to provide evidenced based psychotherapy for diverse needs.  

In addition to being a Person Centered Therapist and Registered Play Therapist, I am a Buddhist practitioner of 18 years. I received dharma transmission from my Buddhist teacher in 2015; essentially, this enables me to teach a simple meditation technique, which people often refer to as mindfulness. Read more here

Person Centered Therapy is an optimistic approach, and sees human beings as fluid, and able to change. Within the therapeutic relationship, that is emotionally and psychologically safe, characterized by warmth, acceptance, authenticity, and empathy. You will be able to explore your life from the present moment which will empower you to meet life's challenges, and grow in power and freedom. 

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