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My Approach

Supporting you with acceptance and empathy, holding space for you to explore who you are, and who you are becoming, is at the core of Person Centered Therapy.

I trust that you have what you need to grow and develop towards the fullest expression of your self.

My goal, ultimately, is to empower you to reach your potential, and lead the life you choose. 

Whether it is solution focused therapy, or a journey of personal growth, I trust your innate ability to know what needs attending to, and what issues you need to explore and resolve. I will be right there with you, supporting you as you progress.

Through the therapeutic relationship that we develop, characterized by warmth, authenticity, empathy, and acceptance, you will be able to explore freely, and openly, any areas of your past or present that you'd like to, in order to continue moving forward in your life.

Being and becoming.

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