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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine is an extremely safe medicine with many applications. It was designed as an anesthetic and is commonly used in medical settings. Ketamine has been shown to provide insight and healing that can relieve symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, relationship dynamics, phase of life concerns, existential questions and more. 

Ketamine as a medicine has many benefits. Ketamine:

  • Works rapidly 

  • Is effective for approximately 70% of people

  • Is safe to use with most medications.

I work in collaboration with a medical doctor who completes a comprehensive medical evaluation and prescribes the medicine as needed in the form of sublingual troches. Sublingual troches are lozenges, easy to absorb under the tongue.

“KAP's effectiveness lies in several factors. Depending upon dose, ketamine promotes a time-out from ordinary, usual mind, relief from negativity, and an openness to the expansiveness of mind with access to self in the larger sense. These effects enhance a patient’s ability to engage in meaningful psychotherapy during and after administration.”

Source: Turnipseed et al., 2018


In my practice, I am offering KAP to current clients with whom I have an established psychotherapeutic relationship. The degree to which KAP is an effective healing modality can be deeply impacted by the trust already established in our ongoing therapeutic relationship. Over a six month period, typically a client and I would complete 6-8 KAP sessions as an adjunct to a weekly psychotherapy session. We will weave the preparation sessions and integration sessions into our regular work together. New clients interested in KAP will need to have completed at least 10 regular psychotherapeutic meetings before I will consider whether KAP is an appropriate modality. I am only using KAP as an adjunct to an ongoing psychotherapy with established clients. KAP may not be a good fit for everyone.



I am motivated to provide access to this valuable medicine and to keep costs as low as possible to clients.


Here’s how the costs will breakdown:

  • $300 Medical Evaluation with my collaborating doctor

  • $165 Prescription Cost for the medicine

  • $345 for each 3 hour KAP session.


KAP sessions are not covered by insurance and will be an out of pocket expense.



I have been training with a highly respected provider, Polaris Insight, in San Francisco over the last year, completing multiple modules working towards their certification in KAP. As I am already a qualified, licensed psychotherapist in Michigan I am able to provide this modality now whilst continuing my training. My approach uses ketamine as an adjunct modality to weekly psychotherapy.



If you are interested in learning more about KAP, here are a couple of useful articles/websites that can provide more information. Please also feel free to reach out! 

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